A bit about me..

I’ve been training regularly for about 6 years. Before that I joined and quit the gym a few times. After I managed to stick with the training long enough to see some of the benefits, exercise became a big part of my life.

Sometimes a bit of advice and motivation is all it takes to set someone up for a healthier, happier life. They realise that actually they did have the strength of mind to put the work in and strengthen the rest of themselves. I’ve tried many training methods in the past, now I’ve done a Level 3 Personal Trainer Course so I can help people do things they couldn’t before.

I find health, fitness and nutrition really interesting, and spend time learning about many useful topics. This is so I can reach my goals, while giving the best advice I can to help other people reach theirs.


Personal Trainer Level 3
Fitness Instructor Level 2
These great courses that taught me a lot were just a starting point. Health and fitness training is a huge field, so I continue my learning regularly.

Zoology BSc
Animal Management BTEC
While not completely related to personal training, these courses taught me a lot about how the body works and helped me understand what is going on during different training.

Previous employment..

In the past I’ve worked on building sites, in factories and warehouses, spent 6 years working my way up through different areas of a computer company. I was a Support Worker at a Care Home for people with challenging behaviours. I’ve done reptile surveys and groundworks for an ecology company. I’ve worked at a sheepdog centre and ran a business doing anything from computer repairs to gardening.. I’ve tried a lot of different jobs, it’s rare to find one so interesting that I want to spend time outside of work learning more about it. Personal Training is a great way to use what I’ve learned, it’s rewarding to help people improve their lives.